It aims to manufacture high quality batteries by employing new and innovative technology, which offers safer and more environment-friendly manufacturing processes. The Company maintains high standards of its operations that are certified in both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. It confirms that all the products are made of the best quality material, using the latest technology, so you get nothing but the best.

It has been transformed into a leading technology based organization operating in the field of manufacturing all types of lead acid batteries as well as battery raw materials like 99.99% pure lead, Antimony Lead, Red Oxide, Grey Oxide and turned into a reliable solution provider of energy related products.

Ensure that the battery is firmly secured and placed in the cradle

Make sure that the battery tray is cleaned properly and thoroughly Keep the clamps and terminals grease free for smooth functioning. Never hammer down the clamps.

To clean the battery top of mud and dust, use a clean, damp cloth If the battery is covered in a lot of mud, the top should first be cleaned thoroughly and then the vent plug should be opened using a rupee coin, after which it should be immersed in distilled water to clean the mud completely.

Always ensure that the vent plug top is not blocked.

Ensure that the clamps are always firmly tightened.

The maximum time to keep batteries idle is 3-4 weeks for normal batteries and 10-12 weeks for MF batteries. After that period the battery starts discharging.

  • Make sure the connecting cables are fixed to the correct poles. (first +ve to +ve then -ve to -ve)
  • Do NOT apply grease on the terminal cable clamps, although you can apply petroleum jelly.
  • To open vent plugs in maintenance-free (MF) automotive batteries, use a rupee coin.
  • To protect the batteries from damage, recharge at recommended amperage (Amperes) only.
  • Do NOT operate or charge the battery if the temperature of the electrolyte exceeds 60°C.
  • For best performance output form your vehicle, find a battery with the correct capacity and use it.
  • Check the voltage regulator output periodically as over or undercharging can be harmful to the battery.

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